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Survey on GST Implementation in India

It has been 2 years since implementation of most ambitious taxation i.e. GST in India. After the initial hiccup, the industries have started showing sign of stabilization. It is said that the GST has facilitated ease of doing business, reduce interaction with the Government Officials, ease of compliance etc. In order to facilitate the Governing Body and other stakeholders, it has been thought fit to conduct a survey on the entire gamut of GST to find out the achievement, glitches and area which needs attention going forward.

We, The Chartered Accountants, are acknowledged as knowledgeable professional and are actually involve in the implementation of the GST at the ground level and kept abreast of the evolving GST law, therefore, are in a great position for providing feedback and making GST, a robust, simple, fair and transparent law to improve ease of doing business and facilitate trade. All members are accordingly requested to participate in this survey and give their feedback.

The survey would be published as research paper by 30th November, 2019 for the information of various stakeholders .

Survey Questions

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