Capacity Building Programme on GST for Commercial Taxes Department, Government of Rajasthan on 21st -23rd July 2022

Description : A three-day Capacity Building programme on GST was organized for the capacity building of the officials of the Commercial Taxes Department ,Government of Rajasthan on 21st -23rd July 2022. More than 50 SGST officials attended the Capacity Building programme. The Capacity Building programme included sessions on GST law pertaining to service sectors as well as service-related exemptions under GST. Specific sessions were deliberated on Telecom, Broadcasting/OTT Industry, Online Gaming and Information Supply Services, Manpower recruitment / BPO / Outsourcing Services, and Employee Related Services, Hospitality, Tourism and Healthcare Industry, Mining and Leasing Services , Banking and Insurance services, Storage and Warehousing Services, Rental Services , Works Contract, Job Work, Real Estate Industry , Education Services, Publishing, Printing, Reproduction and Material Recovery Services.