Action Plan 2018−19



Sl. No. Terms of Reference Action Plan
1 To assist, advise and guide to make Indirect Tax laws in the country simple, transparent, certain and equitable. Submission of Technical Inputs/Representation: To submit Technical Inputs/representation to Government to make the GST and other indirect taxes laws simple, transparent, certain and equitable.
Nomination of ICAI representative in State Advisory Boards and Study Group on GST
2 To examine indirect tax laws, rules, regulations, notifications, circulars etc. enacted/ issued and conduct Pre-Budget and Post Budget Workshops and make representations to Central and State Governments. Submission of Pre & Post Budget Memorandum: To facilitate the process of formulation of Budget by offering Pre & Post Budget Memorandum.
Suggestion on GST: To submit suggestions on GST as and when meeting of GST Council held.
Submission of GST Audit Format: To finalise and submit GST Audit Format to the Government by Mid of March, 2018
3 To assist, advice and interact with Government of India & State Governments and /or its committees/ groups formed in policy matters and those relating to functioning and administration of taxes. Developing a System of Regular Representations on GST and other indirect taxes
To develop a system wherein various technical/ procedural issues are identified w.r.t. GST Law and other indirect taxes and submitted to appropriate Government/ authority for consideration.
Support to Government, GSTN and related agency: To continue to support the Government by providing suggestions and helping hand as and when required.
4 To enhance the awareness/ knowledge of Indirect Taxes and the potential opportunities by organising workshops, certificate courses, seminars, e-learning and interactive programmes independently as also with trade and industry.
  • Certificate Course on GST: To organise 50 batches of Certificate Course on GST.
  • Virtual Classes for Certificate Course: To organise in April/May, 2018
  • Online assessment tests for Certificate course: Organising online test of Certificate Course
  • 4 Days Course on Internal Audit of GST: To introduce a four days course on Internal Audit of GST.
  • 4 Days Course on Mandatory Audit: To introduce a four days course on mandatory Audit of GST in June, 2018.
  • E-learning on GST: To revise the e-learning on GST as and when required.
  • Live Webcast on GST and other indirect taxes: To organise monthly webcasts on GST and other indirect taxes.
  • GST Audit Faculty Identification & Training: To organise GST Audit Faculty Identification in April/May and Training programme in May/June, 2018.
  • Workshop, Programme, Seminar and Conferences for members: It is proposed to organise the following Workshops, Programmes, Seminars and Conferences for members during the year:
  • 1/2/3 workshop on GST return filing and procedure – 50+
  • 1/2/3 workshop on GST Audit – 200+
  • 1/2/3/4/5/6 Day Workshops / Programmes on GST/ Indirect Taxes; targeting to train.
    • National Seminars/Conferences in the area of GST/ Indirect Taxes including GST;
    • Other Programme like Awareness programme on GST/ Indirect Taxes.
    • Residential Programme on GST/ Indirect Taxes based on case study
    • Industry specific programmes for members.
    Further such programmes, seminars, conferences may also be organised jointly with trade association like PHD Chamber, Assocham, FICCI etc.
  • Advanced GST Workshop: This practical program on leveraging GST knowledge to provide service to trade/ industry would only for those who have already attended the awareness program. The fact that basics will not be discussed would be made clear.
  • Practicing CAs+ Staff assistance workshops for preparedness under GST.
  • Course on Customs & FTP: A 4 day integrated course on fine nuances of Customs & FTP provisions to be existent under GST Regime. A short (one day) Course on Customs & FTP may also be organised.
  • Course on Litigation Management: A 4 day comprehensive course to prepare for appeals, drafting replies, presentation, attire etc.
  • Online interactive trainings for Members etc.
  • IDT Update: To continue to send updated on GST and other indirect taxes regularly to the members.
5 To update/ review and revise existing publications and bring out new one as may be relevant including e-newsletter.
  • Research & Publication:
    A. To bring out the following new publications:
    • Guidance Note on GST Audit
    • Handbook on A/cing treatment of GST
    • Handbook on GST for Trader – May, 2018
    • Training Guide for SGST Officers – June, 2018
    • Sectoral Analysis of GST
    • Mandatory GST Audit Manual
    • Research paper on valuation under GST
    • Booklet on amendment made in GST in 6 months
    • Booklet on classification under GST
    • Booklet on works contract under GST
    B. To revise the following existing publications:
    • Background Material on GST Acts and Rules – Mid April
    • FAQ and MCQ on GST – Mid April
    • Bare Law on GST Act(s) and Rule(s) – 5th April, 2018
    • Simplified GST Guide for Manufacturer – May, 2018
    • Handbook on GST Service Providers, May, 2018
    • E-publication on E-way bill under GST – March, 2018
    • Booklet on Seamless Credit – April, 2018
    • Background Material on Exempted Services under GST
    • Study Paper on Taxation of E-Commerce under GST
    • E-Handbook on Job-work under GST
    • E-Book on how to get registered under GST
    • BGM on UAE VAT
  • Articles on GST: Publishing articles on various topics under GST
  • Standard PPT on GST: To revise the Standard PPT on GST for bringing uniformity in the training programme to the member and also to guide the faculty.
  • Case Law Collation – To bring out a publication containing collation of relevant case law by July end.
  • E-Newsletter on GST: To continue to publish 24 page newsletter on GST
6 To popularize the Indirect Taxes Net. The Committee would continue to send updates on Indirect Taxes/ GST to the members registered on its website along with the analysis.
7 To conduct research/ studies and publish the same. Involvement of Members in Research Initiatives of the Committee
To inculcate research among members by inviting research based material from them which may be developed as guidance note on various subjects/topics related to Indirect taxes. After due diligence, the same be hosted on e-learning/e-library of ICAI for Members.
8 To conduct training programmes for official of Central and State Governments on area relating to Indirect Taxes. Training Programme for Officials of Government: With a view to help the Government in capacity building, it is proposed to continue organizing of training programme for their Officials (20 programme X 50 participants = 1000).
9 To carry out such other matters as the Council/President may refer to the Committee.
  • To take initiatives on Oman VAT (by May, 2018) and other GCC Countries (by Nov-Dec, 2018)
  • To form Study Groups on GST with the due approval of the President, ICAI with the following Terms of Reference:
    • GST research and various issue related with State with co-ordination with the Branch / Region;
    • Represent ICAI in the GST State Committee in co-ordination with the Branch / Region;
    • Updation of Existing Publication & Bringing out new publication on GST;
    • Submission of representation to State Government to make the SGST law simple, transparent, certain and equitable.
    • Follow up with Central/State Commissionerate to open Bar Room for CAs.
    • Any other matter as the Chairman/ Committee may refer
  • Specific Research based Study Group as and when required
  • Empanelment of Members for undertaking Audits under GST