Video Recordings of Lectures on Old Model GST Law (June 2016)

The Indirect Taxes Committee in the year 2016 recorded 29 video lectures on various topics of Model GST Law (June 2016), details of which are as follows:

Topic Speakers ICAI TV Link YouTube Links
Overview of Model GST Law CA. Madhukar Hiregange
Opportunities in GST CA. Madhukar Hiregange
Input Tax Credit under GST CA. SS Gupta
Transitional Provisions CA. S Venkatramani
Levy & Exclusions From Tax CA. Ashok Batra
Value and Time of Supply CA. Ashok Batra
Value of Supply CA.Badrinath
Time of Supply CA.Badrinath
Integrated Goods and Services Act Tax, 2016-Place of Supply CA. A. Jatin Christopher
GST Refund CA. Rohini Aggarawal
Registration CA. Gaurav Gupta
Registration Mandar Telang
GST Return CA. Bimal Jain
Job Work CA. Jayesh Gogri
E-Commerce CA. Jayesh Gogri
Tax Invoice, Debit and Credit Notes CA. Sushil Goyal
Settlement Commission CA. A.SaiPrasad
Advance Ruling CA. A. SAIPRASAD
Demand & Recovery Provisions under Model GST Law CA. Rajesh TR
Demand & Recovery Provisions under Model GST Law CA. Annapurna Kabra
Goods and Services Tax-Appeals & Revision – Key Concepts CA. S. Thirumalai
GST Audit CA. Rohini Aggarawal
Assessment under GST Dr. Nilesh V. Suchak
GST: Offences & Penalties CA. Sagar Shah
GST: Prosecution CA. Sagar Shah
GST: Inspection, Search, Seizure & Arrest CA. Sagar Shah
Payment of Tax CA. Samir Kapadia
Accounts and Records CA. Gaurav Gupta
Accounts and Records CA. H.L. Madan