GST Topic wise Study Material

Sl. No. Chapter Name BGM portion FAQs & MCQs Standardized PPTs Short Videos
1  Constitution GST Amendment Act   Click here  
2  CHAPTER I: PRELIMINARY   Click here      
3  CHAPTER II: ADMINISTRATION   Click here      
4  CHAPTER III: LEVY AND COLLECTION OF TAX   Click here  Chapter 1- Levy & Collection of Tax    
5  CHAPTER IV: TIME AND VALUE OF SUPPLY   Click here  Chapter 2- Time & Value of Supply    
6  CHAPTER V: INPUT TAX CREDIT   Click here  Chapter 3- Input Tax Credit    
7  CHAPTER VI: REGISTRATION   Click here  Chapter 4- Registration    
8  CHAPTER VII: TAX INVOICE, CREDIT AND DEBIT NOTES   Click here  Chapter 5- Tax Invoice, Credit and Debit Note    
9  CHAPTER VIII: ACCOUNTS AND RECORDS   Click here  Chapter 6- Accounts & Records    
10  CHAPTER IX: RETURNS   Click here  Chapter 7- Returns    
11  CHAPTER X: PAYMENT OF TAX   Click here  Chapter 8- Payment of Tax    
12  CHAPTER XI: REFUNDS   Click here  Chapter 9- Refunds    
13 CHAPTER XII: ASSESSMENT   Click here  Chapter 10- Assessment  
14 CHAPTER XIII: AUDIT   Click here  Chapter 11- Audit  
15 CHAPTER XIV: INSPECTION, SEARCH, SEIZURE AND ARREST   Click here  Chapter 12- Inspection, Search, Seizure and Arrest  
16 CHAPTER XV: DEMANDS AND RECOVERY   Click here  Chapter 13- Demands and Recovery  
17 CHAPTER XVI: LIABILITY TO PAY IN CERTAIN CASES   Click here  Chapter 14- Liability to pay in certain cases  
18 CHAPTER XVII: ADVANCE RULING   Click here  Chapter 15- Advance Ruling  
19 CHAPTER XVIII: APPEALS AND REVISION   Click here  Chapter 16- Appeals and Revisions  
20 CHAPTER XIX: OFFENCES AND PENALTIES   Click here  Chapter 17- Offences and Penalties  
21 CHAPTER XX: TRANSITIONAL PROVISIONS   Click here  Chapter 18- Transitional Provisions  
22 CHAPTER XXI: MISCELLANEOUS   Click here  Chapter 19- Miscellaneous  
23 IGST : Place of Supply   Click here  IGST Act Place of Supply of Goods or Services or Both  
24 IGST - Other than place of Supply   Click here  IGST Act other than Place of Supply of Goods or Services or Both