GST- Series of Live Webcast

GST - Series of Live Webcastsby Indirect Taxes Committee in January 2017

GST should be in place by 1st July 2017. Professionals need to be ready to start assisting their clients now as many decisions have to be made in pre-GST period. ICAI is observing January 2017 as the GST month with plans to roll out a series of publications FAQs, revised law BGM and organising many 2/3/8 day GST understanding seminars/ workshops. To support those who attend (refresher) and those unable to attend a series of Live Webcasts to comprehensively cover GST for its members, revenue officers and stakeholders at large. The complete schedule with links, PPTs and YouTube Links of the webcasts is provided as below:

Sl. No. Topic Date Links PPTs YouTube Links
1 Important Definitions Viz a Viz GST concepts 12th Jan, 2017 Important Definitions
2 Constitutional Amendments - An Analysis & Relevant Articles to GST. 13th Jan, 2017 NO PPT in the said webcast
3 Important Legal Maxims (With Examples) 16th Jan, 2017 Legal Maxims
4 Levy, Exemptions & Composition (Including Transition) 17th Jan, 2017 Levy, exemption & composition
Transitional Provisions
5 Time & Place of Supply (With Examples) (Including Transition) 18th Jan, 2017 Place of Supply
Time of supply of Goods & Service
6 Input Tax Credits & Anti-profiteering Concept 19th Jan, 2017 Input Tax Credit
Transitional Provisions & Input Service Distributor
7 Value of supply 20th Jan, 2017 Value of Supply-GST
Valuation Rules
8 Stock Transfer, Job work, Stock Returns & Rejects (Including Transition) 23rd Jan,2017 Stock Transfer, Job work
Stock Transfers, Rejects & Returns
9 Import Export, SEZ, Refund (Including Transition) 24th Jan, 2017 Import ,Export, SEZ and Refund
Export Import of Services, SEZ, Refund and Transition provisions
10 IGST & Other GST Concepts (Destination) 25th Jan, 2017
11 Demand & Recovery Provisions under Model GST Law 27th Jan, 2017 Recovery Provisions under Model GST Law
Demand & Recovery Provisions under Model GST Law
12 Registration Law & Procedures (Including Transition) 28th Jan, 2017 Registration - Law and Process
13 Offences & Penalties, Prosecution & Compounding and Advance Ruling 30th Jan, 2017 Offences & Penalties, Prosecution & Compounding and Advance Ruling

Questions related to the topics may be sent in advance at the aforesaid respective links or live at the time of webcast itself.

In case of any clarification you may contact Secretariat, Indirect Taxes Committee at or 0120-3045954.