Action Plan 2016−19



Draft Action Plan for the Year 2016-17 as considered by the Committee at its 38th Meeting held on 10th March, 2016 :

Sl. No. Terms of Reference Action Plan
1 To assist, advise and guide to make Indirect Tax laws in the country simple, transparent, certain and equitable. Submission of Technical Inputs/Representation: To submit Technical Inputs/representation to Government to make the law simple, transparent, certain and equitable.
2 To examine indirect tax laws, rules, regulations, notifications, circulars etc. enacted/issued and conduct Pre-Budget and Post Budget Workshops and make representations to Central and State Governments. Submission of Pre & Post Budget Memorandum: To facilitate the process of formulation of Budget by offering Pre & Post Budget Memorandum.
3 To assist, advise and interact with Government of India & State Governments and/or its committees/groups formed in policy matters and those relating to functioning and administration of taxes. Developing System for monthly representation To develop a system wherein monthly representation for various technical/procedural issues will be submitted to Central/State Government on issues related to indirect taxes.
4 To enhance the awareness/knowledge of Indirect Taxes and the potential opportunities by organising workshops, certificate courses, seminars, e-learning and interactive programmes independently as also with trade and industry.
  • Certificate Course on GST: Considering the inclination of members towards service tax and cancellation of Certificate course on Indirect Tax at Chennai, Mumbai and Hyderabad due to less registration, the Committee proposed to replace the "Certificate Course on Indirect Tax" with "Certificate Course on GST" and accordingly Course Curriculum was modified.

    Further, the committee revised the following parameters to make the Course more useful for the members:
    Heading Scheme for "Certificate Course on Indirect Tax" New Scheme for "Certificate Course on GST"
    Course Duration 12 Days class room sessions conducted on weekends i.e. Saturday and Sunday. 8 Days class room sessions to be conducted on weekends i.e. Saturday and Sunday.
    Fees Rs. 18,000/- for Courses conducted at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai Rs. 20,000/- for Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Jaipur
    Rs. 12,000/- for Courses conducted at other Cities Rs. 18,000/- for Courses to be conducted at other Cities
    CPE Hrs. Structured: 50 Hrs.
    Unstructured: 20 Hrs.
    Structured: 30 Hrs.
    (As per CPE Guidelines approved by Council w.e.f 1.04.2016)
    Curriculum Basic Constitutional aspects, Central Excise-10%, Customs-10%, VAT & CST–15%, FTP–5%, Balance Service Tax
    Note: Approximate %ages.
    Basic Constitutional aspects, 7.5% CE, 5% Customs, VAT & CST–7.5%, FTP–5%, Balance Service Tax.
  • Live Webcast on Indirect Tax: It is proposed to continue organsing monthly webcasts on Indirect Tax.
    Further, to provide maximum benefit to members at reasonable cost, the webcasts on topics like GST may be organised from foreign Country.
  • "Train the Trainer Program" in the area of GST: It is proposed to organise the Train the Trainer Program in the area of GST with a view to increase faculty base and provide a well set platform to new aspirants to contribute as GST faculty. However, to make the programme effective, it was suggested that participants should screened based on their prior experience speaking at seminar, conferences, articles written by them, Research Paper published etc.
  • Workshop, Programme, Seminar and Conferences for members: It is proposed to organise the following Workshops, Programmes, Seminars and Conferences for members during the year:
    (a) 1/2/3/4/5/6 Day Workshops / Programmes on Service Tax/Indirect Taxes including GST; (b) National Seminars/Conferences in the area of Indirect Taxes including GST;
    (c) Other Programme like Awareness programme on Indirect Tax including on GST.
    (d) Residential Programme on Indirect Tax including based on case study
    (e) Industry specific programmes for members in industry.
    Further such programmes, seminars, conferences may also be organised jointly with trade association like PHD Chamber, Assocham, FICCI etc.
  • Training Program for Tax payers in association with CBEC – GST
5 To update/ review and revise existing publications and bring out new one as may be relevant including e-newsletter.
  • Research & Publication:
    Revision: It is proposed to revise the existing publication as and when required.
    New Publication: To bring out new publications as the Committee may decide.
  • E-learning Modules:
    Revision: It is proposed to revise all the four e-learning modules on Indirect Tax viz. Service Tax, Excise, Customs and CST with the Finance Act, 2016.
  • New Modules: Launching of e-learning course on "Overview of GST" and "VAT Concepts".
6 To popularize the Indirect Taxes Net. The Committee would continue to send updates on Indirect Tax to the members registered on its website.
7 To conduct research/studies and publish the same. Involvement of Members in Research Initiatives of the Committee To inculcate research among members by inviting research based material from them which may be developed as guidance note on various subjects/topics related to Indirect taxes. After due diligence, the same be hosted on e-learning/e-library of ICAI for Members.
8 To conduct training programmes for official of Central and State Governments on area relating to Indirect Taxes.
  • Training Programme for Official of Excise & Service Tax Commissionerate and other Officials of Government: With a view to help the Government in capacity building, it is proposed to continue organizing of training programme for Officials of Excise & Service Tax Commissionerates.
  • Training Programme for VAT/ Other Govt. department: Organising training programmes for VAT departments and other Govt. Officials in lines with Programme organised for CBEC.
  • Training program for Officers in GST- Transitional and law
9 To carry out such other matters as the Council/President may refer to the Committee. Forming of Study Groups: To form the following Study Groups in the year 2016-17 with the due approval of the President, ICAI:
  • Study Group on GST;
  • State Level Study Group on Indirect Tax with the following Terms of Reference:
    (i) GST research and various issue related with State with co-ordination with the Branch / Region;
    (ii) Represent ICAI in the GST State Committee in co-ordination with the Branch / Region;
    (iii) Updation of Existing Publication & Bringing out new publication;
    (iv) Submission of representation to State Government to make the law simple, transparent, certain and equitable.
    (v) Follow up with Central/State Commissionerate to open Bar Room for CAs.
    (vi) Any other matter as the Chairman/ Committee may refer
  • Specific Research base Study Group as and when required